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CB Performance Dual IDF Weber Carburetor Kits, Type 1, Type 3, and Type 4 Engines are GENUINE Weber carburetors that are made in Spain, not Chinese copies! 'Hide' : 'Show' }}, {{ (showPasswords[1]) ? These kits fit all dual port upright Volkswagen engines, including Beetle, Superbeetle, Ghia, and THING, even Dual Port busses up to 1971! *NEW* Save 20% on select EMPI Price Drops , Save 10% sitewide, 15% on orders over $600, and 20% on orders over $1200, {{ (rememberingPassword) ? All images protected by US and International copyright laws. 'My Vehicle' : filter.filterLabel }}: {{ formatFilterValue(filter.field, filter.filterValue) }}, {{ (fitmentBeingChanged) ? Imagine, no more bloody knuckles after an hour of fighting your car!!!! if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav10n=MSFPpreload("_derived/order_page.htm_cmp_blends110_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav10h=MSFPpreload("_derived/order_page.htm_cmp_blends110_hbtn_a.gif"); } It doesn't matter WHICH dual weber kit you buy from us, ICTs, IDF, IDAs, we will give them the same attention to your carbs as if they were ours about to go on our own engine! This is the less expensive ECONO model (made in China or Taiwan), NO GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY ON IT! Great for added performance while keeping excellent fuel economy. The big advantage you have from buying from ACN is our decades of carb experience, which you get with the "Carb Setup Option" to minimize your setup time and maximize drive time instead of wrench time! Follow along with our tech as he shows y . A common misconception is that heater boxes can't be run with aftermarket exhausts and that just isn't true. Type 1/2/3 Carburetor And Kits Reliability, race and performance are always on the cards with LJ's Carburetor and Kits that deliver ultimate engine tuning with total fuel and air metering and adjustment. cover) Type 3 kits fit UNDER THE ENGINE COVER. These kits are designed with the performance VW engine in mind. View more & shop now. 36mm barrel opens ! Has idle shut off valve. ACN Weber Carburetor Setup, Jets and Labor Included (with concurrent purchase of Carb kit), ACN Flanged Racing Intake and Exhaust Nut, 8 x 10mm, EACH, Universal Crankcase Ventilation Fitting for Air Filters (EACH), Fits 1/2" (12mm) Hose, O2 Sensor Plug, Mild Steel (18 x 1.5mm Threads), Fuel Pump Block Off Plate, Type 1 Engines, 7mm Low Pressure Fuel Hose, 7.0 X 2.5mm per meter, Weber 34 ICT Carb Sync Adapter (Also Fits EMPI 34 EPC), 12 Point Engine Nuts, 8 x 1.25mm Thread, Set of 8, 4101-10, O2 Sensor Bung and Plug, Mild Steel (18 x 1.5mm Threads), Vintage Speed Fuel Pump Block Off Plate, Type 1 Engines, Stainless Steel, 155-691-11188, O2 Sensor Bung and Plug, Stainless Steel (18 x 1.5mm Threads), Dual Carburetor Access Panel, 5 INCH opening, EACH, BK Carb Syncronizer Adapter (Big Syncronizer to Small Carburetor), STE-118, Uni Sync Carb Syncronizing Tool, ICT, FRD, Kadron, and PDSIT, Fast Fab Fuel Pump Block Off With Breather, ACN Labor, Drill & Tap Intake for Auto Trans Servo, ACN Labor, Drill & Tap Intake for Power Brakes, Snail Type Syncrometer Carb Sync Tool, CHINESE or TAIWAN, SK Model, ACN Labor, Drill & Tap Intake for Auto-Stick Applications, Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-4psi, 30-804, VDO Direct Mount Gauge, 15psi, 1 1/2" White Face, 1/8-27 NPT, Snail Type Syncrometer Carb Sync Tool, GERMAN, SK Model, Snail Type Syncrometer Carb Sync Tool, GERMAN, BK Model, Billet "Grooved" Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate, Type 1 Engines, Rotary Electric Fuel Pump, 3.25 psi Low Pressure, 9mm Fuel Filter Inlet and 7.8mm Pump Outlet (Adaptable for VW 5mm/7mm hose use), Fuel Pressure Regulator, Basic, Carbureted Engines, 1.5-5psi, Innovate Wiring Harness Extension, 18', Fits LC-2, LM-2 and MTX-L, PRIOR TO 2/15/15, for use with 4.2 O2 Sensor, 3828, Innovate Wiring Harness Extension, 18', Fits LC-2, LM-2 and MTX-L, AFTER 2/15/15, for use with 4.9 O2 Sensor, 3889, Idle Mixture Adjustment Tool, 90 Degree End For Tight Spaces, EACH, Fuel Pressure Regulator AND Filter, Combination Unit, Carbureted Engines, 1.5-5psi, Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit, Weber IDF and Kadron, 1005-20, Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Carbureted Engines, 1.5-8.5psi, 31800.063, Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit, Weber IDA & DCNF, Innovate LC-2 Wideband 4.9 O2 Oxygen Sensor Kit (Wide Band Tuning Kit), 3877, Innovate MTX-L PLUS Wideband 4.9 O2 Oxygen Sensor Kit, 3918, Innovate LM-2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Kit, Basic, 3837, Deluxe Center Mount Weber-REDLINE Progressive (DFAV/DFEV) Carburetor Kit, for DP Type 1, K1410, Dual Weber 34 ICT Carb Kit, Type 1 (Upright), Type 3, and Type 4 Engines, Redline, Single Weber IDF Carb Kit, All Engines, Redline, Dual Weber 34 ICT Carb Kit, Type 1 (Upright), Type 3, and Type 4 Engines, CB Performance, Dual Weber IDF Carb Kit, Dual Port Engines (but NOT GHIA), Redline, Dual 40mm Weber IDF Carb Kit, 1955-64 Porsche 356 and 1965-69 Porsche 912 With Solex 40P11 Carbs, Redline, K291XE, Dual 40mm Weber IDF Carb Kit, 1955-64 Porsche 356, Includes NEW MANIFOLDS (Not Adapters), Redline, K290XE. occur due to ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and all other disasters, the first occurrence during many disasters. If you have an Engle 110 cam, you don't need 44s either since the engine isn't going to rev! Consent is not a condition of any purchase. The #1 Factory Direct Supplier of Kits on the The ultimate in VW Dual Carb kits is here. Items that are not expected to be restocked within 2 weeks WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED. 1600cc 34 Pict 3 Carburettor Carburator Carb for VW Beetle VW Classic Type . Gasoline has a very limited shelf life Locknut and adjusting screw, and full instructions. Progressive 32/36 Carburetor Kit, By Weber for Type 3, Dunebuggy & VW. This Sync Model is ideal for all velocity stack and carb throats of 1 5/8 to 2 1/8" (40 to 55mm Diameter). Each Kit comes complete with a specifically prepared EMPI D Carburetor, Velocity Stacks, Manifold, Aluminum Air Cleaner w/Gauze Air Filter, complete Linkage and all necessary Gaskets & Hardware. Make your product selections based on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and OPTION INFORMATION presented in the detailed product listing. VW Thing, Selling classic Volkswagen parts since 1975. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Empi 34 EPC Type 3 Carb kits. Made-to-order, Special-Order, and Direct-shipped items with longer advertised manufacture and/or fulfillment lead times will NOT be auto-canceled, and will be fulfilled in the longer, as-advertised timeframe. engine. VW Beetle & VW Super Beetle 1971-74 Condition: New. // -->, We have Professionally Equipped Yamaha Generators Ready to run on Propane, Natural Gas and Gasoline. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 ))); representative to answer any further questions you may have. "Volkswagen", "VW","Beetle", "Super Beetle", "Bus", "Ghia", "Type 2", "Type 3", "Thing", "Rabbit", "Cabriolet", "Jetta", and "Golf" are trademarked by Volkswagen of America and are used for descriptive purposes only. We also carry Kits for Generators such as We have the carburetor expertise to select your emulsion tubes, idle jets, main jets, and air jets, regardless of the elevation you will be driving at, all you will have to do is assemble, adjust and GO! The new Empi D Series of carburetors have the best Now available for your Type 1,2,3 or 4 VW. Installation Guides 'Recover Forgotten Password' : 'Sign In' }}, {{ (showPasswords[0]) ? even available to run generators. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we are doing these site upgrades. Note: There are a few "you tube" videos on rebuilding VW Comes with 2 block off flanges and gaskets. can count on gasoline . It also requires an adapter for Kadrons due to the centrally located air filter mounting stud. All information should be verified prior to use. Complete kit features Empi EPC 32/36F carburetor with electric choke, manifold, chrome air cleaner, filter element, fuel line, hardware and A synchronous 38mm 2 barrel carburetor perched on an isolated center section aluminum intake manifold featuring a pre heat system and and electric choke. generator? This is the finest fuel pressure regulator we have found so far; IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Kit 1700cc - 2000cc Type 4 Progressive Kit. carburetor float insures proper level within carburetor. All rights reserved. . Price: $699.90. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we are doing these site upgrades. Event Schedule $(document).ready(function() { var copyrightDateYear = new Date().getFullYear(); $('.copyright-dynamic-year').text(copyrightDateYear); }); Copyright JBugs. . VW Type 3 Parts; VW Thing Parts; Let's Connect. VW Bus 1971-74 All Rights Reserved. Complete kit ready to install and run. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1600cc Carburetor Fit Vw Volkswagen Beetle 34 Pict-3 113 129 031 K 113129031k at the best online prices at eBay! Follow along as we break down the valve adjust . We continue the teardown of our 1971 VW Super Beetle engine, and prepare it for a complete disassembly and rebuild. Linkage set with hardware All Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. 34 PICT-3 CARBURETOR W/ SCREWS 12V FOR VW/ BEETLE 113129031K 1600CC DUAL PORT. function MSFPpreload(img) Once you use these you will never EVER go back to the Brass Nuts (that strip and round off), or the barely better 12mm ones out there. "*,